First things first. Content is KING. No amount of shortcuts or link building schemes can replace unique and periodically updated Content. Content is the meat and potatoes of any website. It’s your text, your headlines. Everything you’re reading right now is the content of this site. Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines send out things called Crawlers.

These crawlers are computer programs that search the internet perpetually(forever,ongoing) to find and catalog the Content on every website they find. I’ll get into how they find your website later. As the Crawlers gather and make sense of this endless amount of data. They make note of things like how many times a word is repeated or mentioned. These words become the Keywords of your website. The Crawlers even process how many words are present that relate to your Keywords. This means that you need to write unique and fresh content that is in-depth. Don’t just Mention what you do. Describe what you do, how you do it and where you do it.

The where you do it is very important. It is crucial that you mention words that reference your local area. Especially if you only do business in that area. By referencing your area the better. i.e. A pizza shop in San Diego would want to mention San Diego, California, Southern California, and especially the names of the neighborhoods in their delivery area. The Crawlers pick up this information and then pair it with what you do. For this San Diego Pizza example the Crawlers should find multiple references to pizza, delivery, fast food, appetizers, cheese , etc… and pair it with the Geographic Keywords to make San Diego Pizza or San Diego Pizza Delivery and the like. To wrap up talking about Content. Always keep your content fresh and new. Update it often search engines don’t like sites that look abandoned. Now that you’ve got unique and updated content. Next time we’ll go over links.

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