Link Building Campaigns + Balance

Making a balanced link building campaign is an art form. Wow, that sounded cheesy. But it’s true.

A solid and sustainable link building campaign is all about variety,quality and quantity. We all know the get rich quick schemes and “SUPER TURBO LINK BUILDING EXPLOSION SOFTWARE”. They all only focus on quantity. Which, to be fair is important, but it’s only part of the formula. What good are 3,000 links if they all come from the same sites as your competition. Or worse yet, all your links come from a banned list associated with the sites that a lot link building software use.(I’ve had that happen)

In this post I’m going to show you the exact methods I use everyday to get my sites to the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. I’ll be covering ALL my link building strategies. Including video links, article links, comment links,guest posts, and maybe some more stuff I’m really not sure how much I want to share. Ok let’s get started.

Social Bookmarking

I’m starting with social bookmarking because it effects all the other link building you will do. What you’ll be doing is submitting all the pages with links to your site to social bookmarking sites. This helps get your links indexed so they count towards your SEO rankings. There are a lot of social bookmarking sites and software out there. And you should use almost all of them. Digg, Delicous are 2 of the top players. There are also a lot of “ping” sites that allow you to submit to multiple sites at once. I don’t recommend using these sites because Google and other search engines can find them if you or I can. Try tweeting about your link. Like “Check out our new article on LINK DOMAIN” If your internet marketing or SEO company is not indexing your links you’re not getting professional link building. Find out if your links are getting indexed by getting a free Specialized Link Report.

Blog Commenting

This is my favorite way to get links. And it’s one of the best and easiest ways to get good, sustainable links pointed at your website. The key is to actually write a comment that adds to the conversation taking place on the blog or website you are commenting on. If you don’t add to the conversation even auto-approved blogs will delete your comments after time. Which actually looks worse in Google’s eyes. Think about it, Google or another search engine sees that another web property has linked to and therefore recommended your site. Then 2 months down the road that link or recommendation is gone. It’s worse than having no link in the long run.

This is why you must stay away from auto-commenting software. Trust me I’ve used them all. Let me walk you through what using auto or mass commenting software feels like. At first you are stoked. You’ve got this new “AUTO LINK GENERATOR 2000” and you’ve finally got it installed and set up correctly. Then you get even more excited when you start using this magical software. Every time you check your link count it’s rising. You’re even climbing pages in the SERP(search engine results page).

How exciting right? And then Google catches on to the fact that your using auto commenting software. You’re now NOWHERE to be found on Google or any other search engine unless keeps you. So what happened? All those webmasters and blog owners that you SPAMMED(yup you’d be a spammer, worse than the telemarketer that calls you during dinner) Well all those webmasters and blog owners deleted your spammy comments. Which brings me back to writing comments that actually add to the conversation.

Let’s walk through a typical blog commenting session. I’m going to tell you exactly what I do to get found for phrases like “Getting Good Free Links“, “San Diego SEO Company“, “Panda Update”, “San Diego Search Engine Optimization Company” and more.

First you come up with a good search string to use in Google to find the blogs and websites you want to comment on. Let’s say you want to be found for “San Diego Concrete Company” You take that phrase and add something like “leave a comment” Here’s the list I got on the first page when I did it.

  1. Metrocrete and More!

    February 11, 2011 · Leave a Comment. Madstone Boston MA Flooing Design. Link to Concrete Solutions San Diego Garage Floor Epoxy Coating This is the second or third floor Steves company has done for Larkburger. They keep

  2. TRIZZAT | Intellectual Property, Real Property, Consumer Protection

    8 hours ago – Issues Impacting Business, IP Law, and Real Estate in the USA and EU/EEA. San Diego Market is Heating Up  · In Real and Intellectual Property, Real Property Law Leesville Concrete Co., Inc. (1991)

  3. William R. Simon, Jr. Announced Most Admired CEO of San Diego…

    Finalist of Most Admired CEO of San Diego by San Diego Business Journal. December 8, 2011 By laceystenson to work on the business but does so with a realistic and concrete long term vision,” says Lacey Stenson,

  4. Daily Business Report — Nov. 23, 2011 | San Diego Metro Magazine—-nov-23-2011/

    Nov 23, 2011 – Posted by mannycruz on November 23, 2011 · Leave a CommentSan Diego County Water Authority’s project to raise the main dam at San The concrete travels half a mile on a conveyor belt from the concrete batch plant

  5. san diego contractor –

    10+ items – You are here: Home / Archives for san diego contractor.

    Industrial Flooring : About Resin Floors August 23 …
    General Contractor Updates: ADA Requirements Changes for 2012 August
  6. Latitude 33 Brewing Company – Craft Brewery, San Diego County

    5 days ago – Craft Beer from 33 Degrees North, San Diego County, California Read full article |Mother Earth Brew Co. and Iron Fist Brewing both opened last year. ….Concrete pours and re-pours, floor finishes, tank overhauls, plumbing, tiling, inspections, permits, licenses, contracts, meetings…

  7. PRESS RELEASE: Iowa Company, Great Lakes Concrete Pleads…/press-release-iowa-company-great-la…

    Aug 24, 2011 – WASHINGTON – An Iowa ready-mix concrete company pleaded guilty …..San Diego Chargers President Dean Spanos didn’t feel he had to

  8. Latest Graduating Class! – Concrete Polishing HQ

    Nov 18, 2011 – Concrete Polishing HQ – Concrete Grinding Machines, Equipment, Tools, Dyes by our Concrete Polishing HQ Dealer “BJ’s Rentals” in San Diego! What a great event, and a great group of contractors!


    AGUNDEZ CONCRETE CO. Posted by admin on July 3, 2011 ·  VN:F [1.9.10_1130]. please wait… Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast). Business

  10. Five Offbeat Freebies San Diego | OneTravel

    Author: Suzy Guese Published: Jan 20, 2012  Turning concrete into flourishing art at Chicano Park: In San Diego’s Chicano Park you can


As you can see we’ve found some really relevant sites to post comments on. Warning I found a virus on the first listing so do not go to it. And the second one didn’t have any approved comments on it, so those two results are a wash. But the rest of just these first 10 are decent places to comment on and get good quality links pointed back at your site. If you wanted to get found for “San Diego Concrete Company”. (posting comments on sites not relevant to your keywords will not help your SEO but can get you traffic)

With blog commenting there are different schools of thought on whether to post on all the blogs you find or whether to cherry pick and only post on the best websites and blogs you find. I use a middle of the road approach by posting on almost all the blogs and sites I find. The only criteria I use is whether or not the page is relevant to my site and whether or not I can post an intelligent or at least witty comment that adds to the conversation happening on the page I’m commenting on.


Article Writing and Submission

Article writing and submitting is a powerful and dangerous method of getting links. I say dangerous because Mass Submitting Articles is a common practice in SEO and it can literally throw your page into SERP exile. Google and other search engines are smart. They know if you’re cheating. It’s their job to know. Well now that I’ve scared you let’s step back for a second and cover the basics so you can fully grasp the concept and guidelines for article writing and submission.

Article writing is a tedious and detail orientated task. Plain and simple. Whether you write all original content or you spin your articles. Spinning an article is the process of using spin syntax to make multiple articles from one article. Whether you write your own articles or spin them, it’s crucial to pay attention to detail when developing your content.

Writing Original Articles

This is by far the superior way to get links using article writing. When you use all original content, you’re links will hold more weight in the eyes of search engines. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing all actively search for and flag sites and links that use duplicate content. To search engines, duplicate content makes it harder for them to find the sites they show in a SERP  (search engine results page). I’m getting off topic. In order to write lots and lots of great articles you have to be passionate, even love what you are writing about. You have to study your niche. Start by searching for it online. Sign up for newsletters in your industry. Gather all the knowledge you can about your subject constantly. And then just start writing. I like to write while watching tv. I usually write articles after I’m done blog commenting for the day to switch it up.

just start writing

If you’re a little shy about writing or just don’t know where to start, try “recycling” another article into your own. You’re probably thinking plagiarism write now. I am not suggesting you copy or steal someone’s content. Just use a similar topic and structure to get started. This is simply the process of learning. So as long as you just use it as a guideline, you’re ok.

Buying Articles

Don’t be afraid to buy an article once in a while. I love using good freelancers when I’m in a crunch for time. You can use sites like fiverr to get articles written, but a lot of it is gibberish(yeah it’s that bad, we’re not just talking poor grammar here). So you’ll have to weed through the vendors to find quality content. I personally use friends and people I’ve found on craigslist. Don’t be cheap with you’re articles either. You get what you pay for.


Spinning your articles sounds like a good way to get easy professional link building results. It is and it isn’t. Let me explain.

Earlier I mentioned spin syntax, which is the set of characters that are used to spin one article in to multiple versions. Well, in order to spin an article that has a snowballs a chance in hell of passing  the scrutiny of Google’s prying eye. You have to spin every word, every sentence and every paragraph with multiple  versions of each with in each other like this.


Now while this looks like an easy and simple way to get a lot of articles for your professional link building campaign. And don’t get me wrong I use a mix of original and spun content for my articles. But the key is to not cut any corners(even though spinning is a shortcut in itself). A lot of spinners out there have a a “Spin” button that will automatically spin your original article using an integrated thesaurus of synonyms. Do NOT under any circumstances use these “Spin” buttons. They will turn your beautiful article into a mangled shell of what it once was. Full of grammatical errors and sentences that just make no sense. And you can kiss your writing style good bye. TSE-here is a common misconception that the spinner software should do most of the work. To that I say sure if you want to make content that makes sense to another piece of spinner software. Here’s what I got when I used the “Spin” button.

Original Sentence:

Never use the spin button.

Spun Versions:

  1. Certainly not utilize whirl key.
  2. Never ever operate the rotate press button.
  3. Under no circumstances use a angle control key.
  4. Hardly ever make use of backspin mouse.
  5. Do not ever take advantage of the twist tab.

Now imagine your article, mangled like this. And then imagine the association people will have with your site and this crap. Remember, since people use spun articles to submit to article directories with a link to their website to get links. Would you want the link to your site associated with gibberish? Anyone answering yes to that question should please call us at 619-786-4SEO, immediately for an SEO intervention. For those of you that answered no, keep reading. The key to spinning articles right, is using your spinner software only to speed up manually spinning each word, sentence and paragraph(that’s how I got the results in the first spin syntax example). Now it’s true, spinning an article the right way can take hours but, it’s a lot faster than writing 100 different versions of the same article.

Video Links

Did you know that links from Video sites like YouTube are roughly worth twice as much as links from social media sites like facebook and twitter. And when I say worth twice as much I’m talking about the PR(page rank) juice the link transfers over from the origination page. Just with all of the other link building campaign components it important to make the content(video) surrounding the link valuable. Make a video that can actually help people. Whether you help them find your business or you make a How-To Video, make sure it’s quality. Don’t just make videos for links. Make videos for the user and your target audience and then place your links in the description or about section as well as in comments on the video.

Professional Link Building Help

If you need to know if your link building or SEO company is using the right techniques or you just need a quote try our Specialized Link Report or check out our Link Building Packages

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