San Diego Internet Marketing. Now search engines know that this link takes the user to a page about San Diego Internet Marketing. Now hover over the link. I’ve added a title tag to the link. When you hover over the San Diego Internet Marketing link a window will pop up near your cursor saying “Small Business and Non-Profit Marketing” This also lets the crawlers from search engines know what the link(recommendation) is for. (QUICK HINT-You can link from one page of your site to another using these techniques) It is also important to to find out how trusted the websites and pages you get links from are. Remember links are like recommendations. And what good is a recommendation(link) from an un-trustworthy source(website,page,blog,etc..). In the eyes of search engines like Google,Yahoo,Bing and their crawlers trust is measured in PR or Page Rank. As I mentioned in the first paragraph of this article PR or Page Rank is not where you rank on a search engines results page. Page rank was developed by Larry Page and is a number from 0-10. 10 being the best or most trusted. I’m not going to dive to deep into PR but here are some tips. Use a PR Checker(just Google “pr checker”) on websites before youLink Building Tips get a link from them. You can do this with any site just know that with directories link Manta or Craigslist you can’t check the PR of the page that will actually have your link on it until you’ve submitted the link because usually as you’re submitting the link you are also creating the page it will be on. If you’ve ever though of using link generating software BEWARE they typically won’t get you links from pages with good Page Rank. Which can even hurt you versus not having the links at all. I’ve always found that the best links come from writing articles that are soo good and so much about what you do and your industry that other people in your industry quote them and post an excerpt with a link to your article on your site. Private Blog Networks and Guest Spots on Authority sites are my main source of inbound links to this and other pages on this site. You can simply sign up for private blog networks or build your own like I did. The second option of being a guest writer for Authority Sites works wonders and is VERY Google friendly. OK, so we’ve got contents and links. We can’t forget TAGS. Title Tags, Meta Tags, Description Tags, Keyword Tags, Tagging Links, Tagging Photos. I always like to say that things like title tags and keyword tags put you “in the running” to be found for your keywords. But they need to be set up in the right way and supported by content and links. Look out for part 3 of The Foundations of SEO Tags and Meta Data   Read SEO Part 3 Read SEO Part 1   [button buttonlink="/specialized-seo-report/" buttonsize="large" color="FFFFFF" hovercolor="none" backgroundcolor="000000" hoverbgcolor="747474" icon="realize-r-32" rel=""]Specialized SEO Report[/button] Please share and or like this page if you like it or found it useful]]>

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