On 12/5/11 Google announced it’s most recent changes to it’s algorithms. the most notable being the new “Parked Domain Classifier” which screens out all those sites that have the same vague content and design but different domains pointing to it. Some internet marketers(IM) get annoyed with updates like the Parked Domain Classifier. On the contrary I think it’s a smart business move on Google’s part. Most parked domain sites have no content of any real value. They are riddled with ads and are never what the Google searcher is looking for. Google needs to deliver consistent, accurate and helpful results. So weeding out a tell tale sign of garbage sites is a good call.

Google’s freshness update, originally announced 11/03/11 now also applies to it’s image results. They also freshened the update for Google’s Blog Search. Seeing that Google took only a month to transition the freshness update to images after implementing it in web results shows that fresh and up to date content is going to be a key factor in getting to the first page. So for anyone not alt and title tagging their images and socially bookmarking them on sites like digg and delicious not just facebook and twitter Google Update | San Diego SEOshould seriously consider starting.

My favorite change this time around is the update to “Original Content”. It’s nothing new that a tweak to filtering out duplicate content is included in this update. There usually is something to do with the originality of content. What makes this newest change different is that it focuses on not just finding copies of content but it actually fine tunes the process of finding out which site has the original version of the content. Which is a huge push in the right direction. This type of update virtually shuts down article directory sites. Everything is going to move towards syndication as it already has before this update. Writing content so innovative, provocative or news worthy will continue to be one of the best ways to market yourself online. If you don’t know the difference between article submission and syndication. In on sentence article submission is when you submit your content how ever good it is and the directory hosts it for you with no real promotion while syndication is when you write content so compelling and interesting that authority sites in your industry feature it and give you credit. Big difference.

Google also implemented “More Comprehensive Indexing” which will give long tail urls or Deep Links a better shot at showing up in queries.They also changed some color and layouts on tablet screens. This along with Related Query Results Refinements make this a positive update. Related Query Results are the results you sometimes get that don’t have your search terms in them but something related to them. For more on Related Query Results and all the newest updates sign up for our newsletter.

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