Can you believe more people own cell phones than toothbrushes? America and the World are obsessed with mobile technology. More searches are done on cell phones than any other device, 3 out of 5 to be exact. I created this infographic to show just how important having a great mobile site is to a business.

I know I’d be lost without my cell phone. I use it for everything: GPS, texts, emails, finding a place to eat, flashlight, shopping list, movies, music, games, facebook, twitter, of course making calls and so much more. The list goes on and on.

Most people’s phones aren’t just within 3 feet of them every day, most of the time it’s literally right in front of their face. Source (Captain Obvious)

Mobile Website Design Facts

Anybody who says having a mobile version of your website is optional, has clearly never met any teenager in the world today. Have you seen a group of high schoolers lately they are all literally glued to their phones. And it’s not just kids, I catch my mother, girlfriend, friends not listening to me cause they’re on the phone all the time.

Not having a mobile site isn’t even an option anymore. If you’re site visitors have to pinch and zoom to read your site. It’s a wrap.

On this site we use responsive code to adjust the size and display of the site. This method works great for sites with lots of information and multiple offers and sidebars. But for sites that pretty much just have one purpose i.e. a small business that just wants customers to call or get directions. A separate mobile site works better. You can find a couple of examples here: Mobile Website Designs

UPDATE: Google now recommends responsive websites. So we can no longer recommend separate mobile websites.

Hope you like the infographic. If you did please feel free to share.

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