By taxing an online business(affiliate) just like you would a brick and mortar business seems morally sound. More often than you think an affiliate product is in direct competition with a brick and mortar small business in a community.

i.e. affiliate for tax software and your local CPA.

If a small business and affiliate which are both small businesses compete for the same demographic shouldn’t they be taxed the same.

Yes, but the way the law currently is being rushed through is effecting people in states already taking action like where I am California. This action has forced out some of the largest affiliate networks such as amazon. Who don’t want to pay taxes, naturally. I am an affiliate marketer but I don’t personally use amazon or any of the others affected the most. But for some of my colleagues losing  just amazon money has been detrimental to their income and that’s where the trouble starts.

Just like with a lot of laws being pushed through, they mean well but aren’t thought out well and then big money or big government gets a hold of it and it’s a slippery slope.

What I mean by big money is companies like Amazon. Who naturally has tendencies to shy away from millions in taxes in a handful of states.

What I mean by big government is the states them selves who are pushing these laws through because they’re broke and scared like the rest of the country.

Or Individual Politicians who play on the fears of their constituents in a tough economy.

These “Internet Sales Tax Fairness Laws” need to be looked at and implemented the right way. Not on the backs of fear and under the guise of fairness. Is it “fair” for people providing for their family through affiliate sites like amazon to lose most or all of their income.

I’m sure a weeks worth of meetings between the government and the big affiliate sites could have made this a lot smoother. But then again who knows.

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