Title Tags, Meta Tags, Meta Description, Keywords…………. Where do you begin? Heck where do you end?


Your tags and meta data are a hugely important part of any SEO strategy. They are a series of related information about your website as a whole and individual pages. It’s not only important that you set this data up correctly it is also important that it matches the actual content with in your site. Configuring your tags and meta data let search engines like Google know what your site is about.

Title Tags:

Title tags are not only helpful in getting your website/page found on Google, they are also one of the first things people see/read about your site on a SERP(search engine results page). In order to edit your title tags and make them match your content you will have to edit your source code.

I’ve made a quick video on where to find your title tags, edit them and how they look on search engines.



Make sure that what people read sets you apart

As you can see in the video, your title tags and meta description not only help you get found on search engines but they are also the first thing searchers see about your site before they click on it. Your title tags and description are literally your only weapon on a SERP. Also keep in mind that often search engines will pull the description part of the SERP’s from the content on your site that contains the keywords that the searcher entered. So play around a little and do searches for your site and make sure that what people read sets you apart from the other 9 sites on the front page.


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