Getting good links can be a tedious process. With all the software and services out there charging a good chunk of cash to get links from unrelated sites I wanted to offer you all some free techniques for getting links pointed at your site from relevant websites.

You know the old adage “fight fire with fire”. If you want to get to the top of Google use Google. You can use certain Search Strings to find sites that allow comments that are relevant to your industry and/or keywords. If you Google {best restaurant San Diego “leave comment”}, use the quotes but not the {brackets}. You’ll get a list of sites that are relevant for best restaurant San Diego and have the exact phrase leave comment in the site. The quotes are what let Google know that you want “leave comment” in that exact order not leave somewhere and comment somewhere else on that site. Here is what I got when I used the search string above.

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 You’ll notice that the first 3 results all come from the same website.

Sometimes this can seem like a like a bad thing. On the contrary when I went to the first result I found that that this page had 2 approved comments with follow links in the comment area. It’s a good thing when there are some approved comments. You want to look for certain types of comments. For instance on the first link in the results above. The 2 comments were kind of spammy “trading secrets” yeah that’s spammy. How ever, since there were only 2 of them and and it was the first listing in my results I’d go for it. There is a good chance your comment will be approved and it’s relevant to our search string. I don’t usually waste my time with pages that have a PR of n/a or 0 though.

Now think about the other 2 results from the search page. We now have 3 pages from a site that is actively monitored and approves comments. So it’s up to you to post well written comments with links to your sites and pages with in them. You’ve got to add something to the conversation. Generic comments like “I really like your article, thanks for writing it” just won’t cut it. Webmasters screening comments don’t like these obvious attempts at spamming. Don’t be afraid to engage the author of the page or article you’re commenting on. And be yourself. If you don’t agree with what the author has written then disagree with them. Maybe even spark some debate. If there is already a debate going on in the comment thread use that to get yourself in.

[blockquote]be yourself.[/blockquote]              [blockquote]Don’t be afraid to engage[/blockquote]

Here’s a quick video run down

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Written byOliver Realize

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