What would you do with 2.5 million a month?

It’s too good to be true right?
What would you spend it on a new car? a new house? would you spend it on yourself?
I’m not going to start handing out two and a half million dollars every month. But what if I told you that starting right now I would give you 2.5 million right now and another 2.5 million 30 days from now and then 2.5 million every month for life. With only one stipulation. You have to spend all 2.5 million within each 30 days. All of it every single penny.
Sounds easy enough right.
In “movie reference” it’s “movie amount” and apparently it’s almost impossible to do. 2.5 million is actually a lot easier than you think. You could just buy a house each month. Or just move to any city in Southern California. You might invest in the stock market or go traveling around the world. Or if you’re into Internet Marketing, like me you might spend it on software and links followed by the best steak dinner money can buy. Think about all the things you would do with that kind of money every month.
Because the offer is extended to everyone and  we’re not talking about money or even play money. We’re talking time. Sweet, irreplaceable time. If you break down a month into seconds you get 2.5 million seconds well actually 2,592,000 every 30 days. That’s 2.5 million seconds to change your life or at least live it.
Think about how excited you would be about getting 2.5 millions every 30 days. Now think about why getting 2.5 million moments doesn’t get you excited in the same way. Money comes and goes but time is gone once it’s gone. So what are you spending your time on?
[blockquote]Are you treating your time like the precious commodity that it is? [/blockquote]
Every 30 min episode of your favorite TV show is 1,800 seconds/moments that you could be using to better your life, better your financial situation, better yourself.
Now I realize that a lot of you right now are thinking I deserve to be able to relax and enjoy a TV show, a movie maybe even a night out. And you all do deserve it but have you earned it…. Now don’t go getting offended. But the majority of people think that going to your 9-5 and maybe some overtime is enough. It’s not. Working 40 even 50 hours a week is par. It’s kind of like paying your credit card minimums. You pay a lot, make no real headway and it mainly benefits someone else. You have to ask yourself at the end of everyday.
[blockquote]Have I done anything today that will actually make my life better? [/blockquote]
We all want a better life and we all want to have fun and relax. However the fact of the matter is you can’t make your life better if your busy having fun or relaxing. You may have 2.5 million seconds every month but it’s what you spend them on that matters. I’m telling you right now that Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and almost every other successful person you can think of spent more of their 2.5 million on bettering there life than relaxing and having fun. No one’s saying you can’t have fun just make sure you did something that day to really better your life before you relax and call it a day.
Here are some tips to make the most of your time:

  • Do something every day to better your life.
  • Give yourself small goals to achieve every day. (i.e. write 2 articles today)
  • Remember you deserve to relax but you deserve a better life even more
  • Spend your time with people who also want to spend their time wisely
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