Google you son of a beep…

That’s what the creators of most SEO or link building software companies and 12% of the top sites in the US said shortly after Google released it’s Panda/Farmer Update February of 2011. Since then I’ve conducted a thorough analysis of what you need to get ranking and traffic in a Post Panda Planet. In this article we’ll cover what SEO and link building methods work and which ones just won’t work anymore.

There is no doubt that the Panda Update effects everyone of us marketing online. Back in the day(only about a year) you could rank high on Google with just some article submission software and a good spinner. Now a days it just won’t cut it.

Anybody just looking for what works and not the why feel free to scroll down.

Before we get into what works let’s take a look at why Google initiated the Panda Update. Google is a search engine that means it helps people find what they are searching for. Obvious I know. But this means that Google has to give accurate and useful results. With the onslaught of generic content filled sites only getting ranking because they have 1,000 or so links pointed at them spun and spit out by a soulless submitter*. And the sites that seem to be everywhere you look, with only the city or state name changed. Google is smart. That’s why they have a bounce rate*. And it’s why they do market research.

In Google’s research they found the main factors that make a poor quality site. One of the main factors was duplicate content on multiple pages of the same site. Here’s a short list of some of the others

  • Duplicate Content on Multiple Pages in One Site
  • High Bounce Rate – If they don’t look around they don’t like what they see
  • Short Visit Times – Self Explanatory
  • Not Enough Return Traffic – It’s only good if they come back
  • UnNatural Language – Keyword Stuffing*
  • Content and Tags Not Matching Search Results – Means they only rank cause they had a ton of  links
  • UnRelated Links – bye bye 90% of the submitters* and

and of course Not Enough Original Content

Take a good look at the list. It makes sense for Google to make these types of changes with the goal of providing more useful search results. And for those of you affected by this we can fix it by fixing Content and Links.


There are no shortcuts here. Well there are but good luck with any SEO results Post Panda. You got to have a lot of original, fresh and syndicated content. Don’t steal content. Don’t steal just some content. If you don’t have enough to write about it might not be your niche.

  • Keep the writing natural and don’t keyword stuff*. There is a difference between keyword rich content and keyword stuffing find a nice balance.
  • Update your content often. Maybe do long posts in segments. Read about your topic to get inspired but don’t plagiarize.
  • Any articles you write for relevant links must be posted on your site first!
  • Syndication is not Duplicate Content
  • Write your content with the reader in mind make them want to learn more from you


Well we now know that links need to come from pages with good PR*, not just the homepage and relevant content. Using most article sites submitter or no submitter just won’t cut it. You need to make sure you did a good enough job on content that other sites not just directories or ezines pick up your article and put it on their site with your backlink. This is called syndication.

This means that the better the content you write the more your links will count. You also can’t forget to put your article on your site first so Google knows where it originated. Then you have to find an Authority on your topic or niche. Authority sites are sites that are viewed as experts in their field. Submitting your site to Authority sites and not article sites means your content and your site have enough clout to be referenced or syndicated by other experts in your field.

Here’s a breakdown of Links

  • Put content on your site first
  • Point links in your article to your original content and your homepage.
  • Submit your articles to the top 3-4 Authority sites in your field or niche
  • No need to spin your content it’s syndication not mass submission(that’s so 2010)
  • Find private sites to get do guest post’s on
  • Make a private blog/site network – that’s a whole other story

I really hope that these tips and ideas help you.


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