Do likes,shares and tweets actually affect your SERP’s?(ranking on search engines)

The answer is YES and after one of the most recent updates to Google’s algorithm in November they matter even more. The Google team noticed that a lot of people, too many people are turning to Social Sites like facebook and twitter for breaking news. That’s not good for Google. They make millions by providing accurate and up to date results when people search for something. So in an attempt to keep up with Social Sites, Google now places a lot more weight on “Social Signals” like tweets,likes and shares.

Now there are many ways to increase your Social Signals. And it’s not just Facebook and Twitter. These 2 are the biggest hitters though so let’s cover them.

With facebook and twitter the number one thing to remember is consistency. Be Consistent with your message and be Consistent with your frequency. You don’t have to post every 5 minutes . Your frequency will vary depending on your business. Every business should be AT LEAST posting once a day. Remember you’re not just posting to promote your content or opinion you’re posting to let Google, Yahoo and Bing know that you’re site is relevant and a good source for current information in your niche or industry.

It’s equally important to keep your message consistent as well. Keep your posts relevant to your industry and your demographic. Make yourself a relevant source of information for your readers. Keeping your posts relevant and consistent will also help to optimize your fanpage, twitter or linkedin etc. for search engines. Engage your readers by doing polls on recent topics. And make sure to answer and reply to any comments or mentions regarding your posts on your social media pages. This will keep your readers engaged and keep your branding in front of them while helping your SEO.

One aspect of social media especially when it comes to social signals that a lot of people over look is the social media on your website it self. And I’m not talking about like buttons(everyone uses those and they should) I’m talking about the necessity of having a blog on your website. EVERY website should have a blog as a part of it’s online marketing toolbox. This can take some time but it is well worth it. It is the reason I’m writing this post right now. Once I’m done with this post I’m going to post a brief description and a link to this post on all my social media and social bookmarking sites. By doing this I’m not giving a link away to another site that may have relevant information for my readers on it. I’m instead taking the time to write a relevant and informative post on my own blog on my own site to build content and links to.

Well there you have it right from the horses mouth.

  1. Be consistent in your frequency of posting
  2. Be consistent in your image as an expert in your field
  3. USE YOUR OWN BLOG to build content and links
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